Update notification of payment.

2019-04-22 19:05:49
We are currently in the process of finalizing the 2.0 upgrade version. It takes longer than expected. However, with this upgrade, we will surely satisfy the most fastidious members with a comprehensive change

As for payment gateway, we apply the program after completing the upgrade process.

1. Old interest.

- Silver maximum withdrawal of $100

- Gold : maximum withdrawal of $250

- Platinum : maximum withdrawal of $500

- Diamond: maximum withdrawal of $1,000

- Crown : maximum withdrawal of $2,500

- AdMaster : maximum withdrawal of $5,000

(Withdrawal on Tuesdays and max 3,000 /day)

Special (Package Extend): Old interest withdrawn all days of the week without limit to the total withdrawal amount of $65 /day.

2. Interests.

- Crown + Special (Package Extend): Interests withdraw all days of the week $200 /day

- AdMaster + Special (Package Extend): Interest on withdrawing weekdays $600 /day. (Each purse is $300)

The program applies on May 10. For members who upgrade before May 10

Payment problems will be processed on April 25.


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