Complete update of features with AGCCOIN.

2019-03-08 09:27:03
During the past time, our technical team has constantly created and found reasonable solutions for AGCCOIN exchange to suit the market and the needs of each stage.

Currently agcmining and agcchain deposit and withdrawal features have been fully updated by our own API connection. Members can now make their transactions directly without waiting for confirmation of the transaction history. However, we still apply restrictions to ensure market value and stability.

Complete update of features with AGCCOIN.


- Sending and withdrawing are done automatically based on the Blockchain platform.

- Store and trade for 0.01% fee

- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, AdgroupCoin currencies ..

- Limit exchange with AdgroupCoin 200 AGC / Day


- Limit transfer feature

- Close investment portals

- Direct withdrawal (Confirm in 24h)

- Maximum withdrawal limit of 150 AGC / Day and 900 AGC / Week

The old transactions will be processed completely before March 10, 2019. Right after the end of the transactions we will perform system synchronization with adding AGC to payment for ADGROUP system.

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