About AGC trading on Mercatox.com

2019-01-31 16:41:59
Instructions for implementing withdrawal of agc from mercatox.com system. Currently we are working on the exchange about withdrawing AGC from AGCMINING and AGCCHAIN to Mercatox to execute the transaction. But the implementation is not complete.

However, we still support the transaction according to the plan. Members follow instructions to withdraw AGC from the floor.

Step 1Register or login on adgroup.org.

Step 2: Make AGC transfer to ID to the system

AGCCHAIN: Wallet adress  receive - 0x618eF28407baeb8a735b1e24Cf10Be3214571262

AGCMING: Sent to Username  : reportagcmining (transfer function) 

Step 3: Join menu Adgroup Platform - https://adgroup.org/system/agchistory/

Entering your requested transfer history will be processed within 24 hours.

Detailed description

Platform: Select the withdrawal platform.

Username of AdGroup platform: ID / User from agcming or agcchain.

Sent Wallet: ID or Address transferred.

Amount: Agc value transferred.

Receiving wallet: The address to receive agccoin on Mercatox

About AGC trading on Mercatox.com

Conditions of liquidity:

Each maximum account can withdraw 500 AGC /days and maximum 2500 AGC /weeks.

Old agcmining and agcchain withdrawal requests will automatically cancel and must be redone.

The transfer of the wrong address cannot be refunded. We will not process money transfer requests in the wrong address.

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